Mission Statement


We believe that no child can be truly lost to us until we give up on them. We have made it  a practice in the past to take a child that everyone else says is hopeless and have found great rewards in helping them achieve their rightful/true potential. For some children, their potential may be mainstream in a regular classroom, for others, it is overcoming great personal obstacles and reaching far beyond original expectations. We believe that all children, no matter their current station in life, find their own path to self-fulfillment and a meaningful place in society given our time, encouragement, and support. We believe that an environment with strong role models utilizing nurturing actions will help foster this growth and aid the children to make changes within themselves.

Educational Philosophy Needs

We believe that education is an extremely important part of the clients’ development both in and out of a school setting. We realize that some children are likely to choose a traditional high school and college education while others may want the General Education Degree or vocational school approach. Education can open up many opportunities as well as provide life skills for their future financial support. We encourage education as part of the individual client’s goal setting and provide support for this important function. We provide or arrange for tutoring as needed.


FSR encourages recreational involvement and therefore incorporates a myriad of recreational and athletic activities into its total treatment environment. These activities are implemented to introduce the youth to meaningful leisure-time pursuits in order to provide outlet for energy and for direction of feelings such as anxiety, anger, etc., and to develop sportsmanship and teamwork. Good, positive role-modeling is essential throughout these programs so that clients experience completion, accept challenges, and strive to have fun while developing their minds and bodies